Sara from ProSaddles provides a top quality service, professionally fitting Amerigo and Equipe Saddles. Sara allows both me and Gleavo to perform to the maximum of our ability, ensuring that Gleavo is comfortable over his back and able to move freely through his shoulder by providing us with brilliant saddles and fitting services. Saddles are a key part of any riders kit and ensuring you have a correctly fitting one is crucial. Sara has 8 years experience of working with these prestigious brands and makes you feel completely at ease.


Karen is fantastic with all our horses - giving them the specific treatments they require to keep them performing at their best - being 'On- site' I am extremely fortunate Karen has offered to sponsor Floyd - I'm sure he just loves her treatments and 'needs' them as often as he can !!! 
Treating your horse to a Equine Sports Massage by Karen has many benefits to keeping you both at your best :

• Helps reduce strain on tendons and ligaments. 
• Helps to improve gait by lengthening stride and co-ordination.
• Helps to increase muscle tone and improve muscle development.
• Helps to prevent injury.
• Relieves areas of soreness & tension.


EquiLove make beautiful, hand crocheted, elegant pads for the comfort of any bridled horse of any discipline. EquiLove supply me with their comfort pads. Gleavo has always suffered from tension around his poll and jaw, since using these pads this has been significantly reduced. EquiLove also offer a beautiful range of rider headbands, in both knitted and crocheted styles. Our headbands are also an entirely hand crafted product made in the UK, they are a must have stylish accessory for chilly days and perfect for taming ‘wild hair’! 


Amanda by her own admission is completely obsessed with dressage to music and with the beauty of the horses' movement when combined with the right piece of music. Amanda does dressage Freestyle Music and Choreogrpahy as well. Amanda spends a lot of time selecting music that not only fits the horses foot fall but also both personalities. Although Amanda has never met me, she has produced two amazing compositions for both our Advanced Medium and PSG freestyles from video. I am honoured to be sponsored by Amanda.

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