Anna is a International dressage rider and freelance trainer. She has represented Great Britain at Grand Prix all over the world including the European Championships, Aachen CDIO, Saumur CDIO, the World Cup Circuit, and has twice competed at the World Championships for Young Horses. Since training with Anna began in August 2016 and subsequently working for her I have benefitted from her wealth of knowledge and experience. I am extremely grateful for all the help and opportunities she has ,and continues ,to give me, inviting Gleavo and I to join her team on our first Mainland Europe international in March 2017 which led to me subsequently joining her team and working at Altogether Equestrian on our return. To date I am still working for Anna as a rider/groom . Anna has since accompanied me on several Internationals and has given me so many amazing opportunities.



Karen joined our team Spring 2019 after Kate sadly had to stop treating horses for health reasons , she has been invaluable in this time - being onsite means the horses get on the spot treatment as soon as they show signs of soreness. Karen adjusts her treatment to meet the specific needs of the individual - from the youngsters to my top horse, Floyd, - who just loves the ' hands - on ' approach - and Im sure he would have Karen in his stable 24-7 if he could !!



I originally trained with Bruce from October 2014 and he then took over as my farrier in October of 2015. As a trainer Bruce really helped me work on Gleavo’s self-carriage and general way of going, allowing him to work to his full potential whilst still being correct and relaxed in his work. As a remedial farrier Bruce shoe’s Gleavo to help support his conformation and prevent any issues or stress due to the high of work he does. He has really helped make a difference to Gleavo through this.



Its been great having such a reputable feed company on board - with regular visits from Chloe Dix - who creates a feeding plan for all the horses to ensure they are getting everything they need nutritionally for the work and daily routine they have - so valuable to know they are all getting what they require nutritionally .


Vets and Equine Dentist

They Barn provide equine veterinary and dental services for horses and ponies throughout West Hampshire, East Dorset and South Wiltshire. We use The Barn for all aspects of veterinary and dentistry care. They have a team of highly trained vets with specialists in all fields including dentistry. With state of the art facilities to ensure first class care whenever it is needed. They are always very friendly and approachable and are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions/queries or just for a chat about any concerns for our equine friends.

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